My introduction
I would like to introduce myself here and tell you something about me.
Wealth: I’m an entrepreneur so I am my own boss, I have been doing
successful investments on the world wide web since February 2010.
Health: I’m a huge lover for nature so naturally I’m a water drinker, The
food I eat mostly and the meals I cook myself are almost always with
meat, eggs, fish, chicken, fruits and of course lots of vegetables. I’m into
the healthy organic foods if the taste is really different; you should try
organic olives and for working out I train mostly with weights, swimming
and running also enjoy the natural workouts with my own bodyweight.
Time: Vacations are really my thing, I like to read anything that might
seem interesting at the moment, listening to music really makes the day
so much more fun and watching the latest movies. Like to see new places
and love meeting new friends. I really like spending my time outdoors and
close to the beach/water like I already have said I’m really a big fan of
nature, technology, cars, shopping, gadgets and laughing !
Love: My dedicated love is for my mother and my sister; I love you :-)
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Contact details;
email: ik@
Only on request:
Live Messenger,
Phone Number,
Yahoo Messenger.
General information
A picture of me in my car :-)
My birthday and astrology sign;
Born on: 25 February 1988.
Astrology: Pisces/Dragon
"Trust yourself.
Think for yourself.
Act for yourself.
Speak for yourself.
Be yourself.
Imitation is suicide." All right reserved. © 2017